What Does The Future Hold For Retail?


Business of Home deputy editor Kaitlin Petersen and four experts survey the shifting landscape

It’s an interesting time for retail in the home industry. Big chains are faltering. Old names are fading away, while upstarts flame up and burn out. Retail is dying, or maybe only bad retail is dying, or maybe the outlook is bright. Digital is everything, or maybe only experience centers matter now. Everyone agrees that things are changing, but nobody can agree exactly how, or what to do about it.

In a landscape of such uncertainty, it’s easy to be tempted by the idea that there’s one unified theory to the future of retail. But the truth is that it will look a little bit different to everyone. To that end, I cast a wide net, seeking out four experts from disparate corners of the industry, and asked them a simple question: What is the future of retail?

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