What’s In The Bag?


The inside scoop on the items Market-goers always keep by their sides

Experienced Market visitors always bring a stash of must-haves to the show. Some are obvious, like business cards, phones, tablets, lip balm, and tissues. But what secrets might the Market newbie learn by peering into the depths of those eye-catching totes? We performed an investigation by stopping a few innocent folks and asking them to spill the contents. Behold the intriguing results.

For Susan Sechter of Maison and Terri Burkart of Got You Floored, it’s as much about what you can take home from High Point as what you bring. “The bags we start the day with end up stuffed with the all the free bags we pick up along the way,” they said. Susan was especially thrilled with the graphic design on her canvas Kalalou bag and proudly showed off a velvet pocketbook by designer Glenda Gies that she picked up “for a steal!” on the Mezzanine floor of Market Square.

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